5 features online booking engines for travel agents must have

Submitted by superadmincmshb on Thu 22/11/2018 - 14:41

Having access to a powerful booking engine can make your life much easier. A good booking engine should be smart enough to quickly provide you with access to a great hotel portfolio while offering a wide selection of complementary products. But what else does it takes to be the best booking engine for travel agents? Keep reading! 

4 Reasons why every travel agent needs a personal Account Manager

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As a successful travel agent, you know that to outstand in the ever-changing travel business you need as many useful tools as possible: access to a portfolio tailored to your market, cutting-edge technology that enables you to provide a unique service to your customers and… as much help as possible to accomplish your goals. How can we provide you with that help and support to boost your sales and grow your business? By introducing you to your Bedsonline Account Manager. 

Why travel agents need to change to survive

Submitted by maalvarez on Mon 19/03/2018 - 13:58

10 years ago, Excelsior Travel in Houston, Texas, knew they had to change to survive the changing travel landscape and compete with online travel agents. Jean Pierre Casaubon joined the company in 2014 and the focus was to invest heavily in digital marketing. All it took was a good hard look at their business and some forward thinking to transform the business to one that is seeing increased inquiries and a different customer wanting hand-tailor-made tours that bring bigger profits.

Why in 2019 the Right Accommodation Wholesaler is a travel agents greatest ally

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Becoming a travel agent is now easier than ever. In fact, the last few years have seen record growth in membership to the industry. People enjoy the freedom of being a travel agent gives them, and it’s a great niche to exercise your entrepreneurial muscle. Plus, it’s a pretty exciting job. You get to learn new things about every possible place on earth throughout your career. But, it also comes with a unique set of challenges. 

What Should You Really Look for in an Accommodation Portfolio?

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Entrepreneurship is a harsh mistress. And as a travel agent, you’re very familiar with the demands of running a successful business. Living and working in the digital age also brings a unique set of challenges to travel agents. Competition is fierce. There’s more noise, and information overload is rife. People operate in a semi-state of constant anxiety, and too much information can quickly lead to analysis-paralysis. But while technology, in some ways, has made life harder, it’s also made it easier. 

How travel agents can easily earn more with cross-selling

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As you already know the travel trade industry is rapidly becoming more and more competitive, and businesses are continually looking for extra revenue streams.  

While adding on an activity, transfer or car rental to a booking has always been a good way to boost your revenue, it can be difficult to seize the opportunity if you don’t have the right product in front you at the right time. 

A guide to cross-selling for travel agents: Earn more with Activities

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If we look at the hotel industry, 59% of hotel customers are sometimes or always interested in additional services. Therefore, when it comes to boosting your sales and maximizing profits, cross-selling is definitely one of the best strategies, mostly because not only you maximize your revenue, but you also enrich your customers’ travel experience.