How to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Jungle

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There's no two ways about it; nowadays nearly everyone starts online when searching, shopping and booking travel is online. The modern travel agent is not only competing for attention against online travel agents (OTAs), but they’re also competing with hotel chains and airlines that sell their products to customers directly online.

Millennials: 8 ways travel agents can sell to them better

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Millennials are now the biggest generation in history. Generally classed between the age of 20-36, by 2020 they will have a total buying power of $1.4 trillion[1]... yes, that’s a lot of zeros!

Millennials do things very differently from the generations that have come before them. Especially when it comes to travel.


The Marketing Budget Template for Travel Agents

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Ever got the end of the month and thought “what on earth did we spend all that money on?”

From newspaper ads, to PR, to digital – marketing these days has so many facets that unless it’s planned for and tracked correctly, it can eat up all your cash – and very quickly.

Moreover, unless you’re tracking the money you are spending, it will be near impossible to get an idea of the return for all your efforts, energy, and money! 

4 tips for when you connect with customers online

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As a modern travel professional, you’ve probably spent weeks planning your online and offline sales strategies; but the truth is your audience sees you as ONE brand, regardless how and where they interact with you. What they’re after is a seamless experience, with an engaging (and entertaining!) personal touch that doesn’t feel stiff or sound like a robot